Forum Meeting Minutes – 10 Feb 2012




Second Call for Papers

30th eCAADe Conference; September 12 – 14, 2012; Czech Technical University in Prague; Faculty of Architecture; Prague, Czech Republic

Land Art Generator Initiative

A design competition for the Fresh Kills Landfill in New York City.…&utm_source=YMLP&utm_term=THIS+LINK

Integration through Computation

ACADIA 2011; Oct 13-16; Calgary/Banff, Canada

Journal of Green Building


You might find content in this journal relating to your research.

MDW Medical Design and Manufacturing Tradeshow

Trade show: February 14-12, 2012

Free Registration:

Dow Design to Zero Competition

“Competing teams are challenged to design a building comprising of three connected dwellings; each of the dwellings must have active and passive solar technologies to achieve near-zero energy solutions.”